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Vital Wilsh

Hey hi! I’m Vital (pronounced as Vee-tal or simply call me Vit),
and I’m thrilled that you are here!

Out of the sea of New York wedding photographers, you found your way to Aesthetic Sabotage, and this means something to me. I’d love to get to know you, hear your story out, and capture your wedding day the way you want it because that’s what really matters.
And I feel like you need to know something about me before we get in touch for real.

So without further ado…

I live my dream by photographing people in love in its vast kaleidoscope of colors and emotions. Creating visual stories of the happiest and loveliest day for generations to view and enjoy is what gives me a sense of gratification, and I believe that wedding photography is more than just several poses and a few clicks. Since 2016, more than three dozens of couples have trusted me their most important day. You deserve the story of your day in its most sincere and meaningful form, and I would love to help!

When I found Vital’s work online, I was thrilled, but he exceeded our expectations in every way. He was extremely easy to work with; he didn’t complain a bit when our guests’ bus was delayed and arrived 45 min late. He made us and our wedding party feel very comfortable while shooting and it shows in the photos. Speaking of the photos, they are absolutely gorgeous! He captured our personality and day unbelievably well in both posed and candid photos.
— bride

Manhattan Elopement | Aesthetic Sabotage

experience over perfectness.


There is you, your partner, and hopefully a location where you feel comfortable and free, whether it’s your parents’ backyard or a villa on Lake Garda. However, the where is not everything.
It’s your raw EXPERIENCE and EMOTIONS is what makes a great story.

All the photographs you see on my website are real weddings; these are real couples, who probably said at the first meeting with me that they feel, look, act awkward in front of a camera. Who's not, right?! 

Being at ease and act candidly in front of a dude with a camera is not a task you do every day. I get it! That’s why I use gentle hints and smooth (and often fun) directions rather strict posing, so you can have truly great time with your partner, have lots of fun, and feel the REAL CONNECTION for all the special moments that I will capture for you. You deserve photographs that are not just pretty, but also MEANINGFUL to you and your families. This is going to be your family’s heirloom after all. And you will LOVE this photographs.