Engagement Sessions Are Exciting!


The usual perception of an engagement session is this: a couple in a pretty place with a photographer who gives directions and poses that are absolutely the same for every couple over and over again. First ten minutes are awkward, but you get used to a stranger with a camera, and the remaining 50 minutes are spent in the same place just changing poses, and all you hear is "show me your smiles; pretend you like each other; kiss; look at each other." Sounds bland and quite boring, right? I was that kind of photographer myself when I just started out. Again, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and it's not a critique of anyone's work. But after a few years I came to something different. I’ve evolved. My style has changed. I believe in a more meaningful visual narrative now.

After several engagement sessions like that, I realized that this kind of directions doesn't expose the real feelings and emotions in my couples. There was a moment when I decided to go against the grain. That's why my studio is called "Aesthetic Sabotage." I sabotage an established conception of an engagement session. I create something unique and meaningful for you.

So how an e-sesh looks like?

Before I even start sticking my lens in your face, we chat; we spend some time feeling and adjusting to each other. My goal is to make you feel comfortable before we even begin our sesh. Then I ask you to soak in the moment, enjoy the scenery around you, and forget about all the worries for the time of the session. Also, I remind you to be bold, creative and kiss your partner whenever you want without waiting for my permission ;). I encourage your passion toward each other. There will be hints and spontaneous prompts during the sesh. I will take classic portraits of you because your mom needs that photo on a fridge. But also, there will be photos that will tell everything and even more about your love. There will be photos of details that matter to you. There will be photos of your pet(s). There will be everything because everything is important. And you will be excited about your engagement photographs. And you will LOVE them.