Why Do You Need a Wedding Album?


What is a more realistic scenario for you in 25 years? 

a) you insert a flash drive into your computer to view your wedding photos on your anniversary?

b) you pick up a heavy, thick, with a beautiful cover wedding album. You bring it to a couch filled with your loved ones that already anticipate something so familiar and so heartwarming to see. It's your closest family around you, and you're ready to relive that surreal day with them once again by flipping pages that tell everything that matters.
I know you find the latter more attracting. More meaningful. More about your life.

When I started doing wedding photography back in 2016, I faced the lack of printing companies in the US market that would focus on high-quality, handcrafted, fine art wedding albums. Since then, I've constantly been looking for an option that would give my couples and me the best result. My goal was to find a company that cares about our memories. A company that makes no compromises on quality, and that is as eco-friendly as possible. The last thing I'd want to see is a beautiful album wrapped in non-recyclable plastic. 

In November 2018, I attended a meetup hosted by a newer to the American market company - QtAlbums - www.qtalbums.com - and met the creators, the inspirers, the artisans of this lovely printing business. Let me tell you - I fell in love with their handcrafted prints, their heirloom albums, and their vision on the industry. I got to know them. I saw these people as hardworking artisans who genuinely cared about their product. 

As a result, their fine-art prints and albums are one of the best in the world! I am proud to be working with these magicians of printing art side-by-side. Together we're able to create a fantastic blend of art & craftsmanship that elevate your awesome wedding photographs to another mind-blowing level.

Professional grade materials with print permanence rated at 80+ years are the guarantee that your album will look as beautiful as it looks today even 80 years from now. 

Now think about all you just read again. Visualize your future wedding album. You can even close your eyes to eliminate distractions. Done? Now send me an email, and we’ll start creating your album right away.